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***Summer School July 28 - August 1 @ NIC Arena (Nanaimo Ice Centre)


Please refer to the summer programs page by clicking the "Summer camp"icon for more information!!! 


In addition: 

~ Winter/Spring SCHOOL Registration Evening: Sept 3, 2014 @ Nanaimo Ice Centre ~


There is a skate and dress sale at that time and items need to be dropped at the NIC at 5:30. 


The Club phone number no longer works. Please email us if you have any questions.

PO Box 45, Stn A Nanaimo, BC. V9R 5K4



Updated: Aug, 2014


The Nanaimo Skating Club has offered skating programs in Nanaimo since 1940.


Our purpose is to encourage the instruction, practice, enjoyment and advancement of its members in all aspects of skating in accordance with the rules and policies of Skate Canada for skaters of all ages and abilities.

Our programs implement Learn-to-Skate and Competitive programs developed by Skate Canada (formerly the Canadian Figure Skating Association).

Our coaches and executive members provide a professional and supportive environment for individual skaters with goals in competitive skating and for all levels of skaters. 


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Only Nanaimo Club Sanctioned by SkateCanada   




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